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Our delivery times are 3-7 business days from the day you order, we realise that sometimes there are remote areas (esp in WA, NT and Qld) that may take slightly longer.

We will be working to reduce our delivery times further during 2016.


Stock updates are valid as of 7/2//2016


Due Back in Stock

Babycat Milk 300g
9th Feb 2016

Please note:

In NZ Mini Light and Maxi Light have been replaced with the Mini and Maxi Light Weight Care Products.
In AUST Mini Sensible and Maxi Sensible have been replaced with Mini and Maxi Digestive Care products
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You can now select the number of bags for each product under the product itself instead of on the check out page.

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New PRO SHOP - More ways to make savings!

You will receive additional discounts on your orders based on the volume ordered.  When your order hits these volume thresholds the discount will automatically be deducted from your total order.

More ways to make savings

Save 2% when you order 90kg and above

Save 4% when you order 120kg and above

Save 6% when you order 150kg and above

Save 8% when you order 180kg and above


These discounts are in addition to any other promotions or discounts available on the PRO SHOP at any given time.


Orders of 6 bags or more may be delivered on a pallet.