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Orders placed after 12pm in Australia will be processed the next working day, which adds an additional day to your delivery time. For the quickest delivery time we strongly suggest that you place orders prior to 12pm.

Our delivery times are 3-7 business days from the day you order, please be aware that there are remote areas (esp in WA, NT and Qld) that may take slightly longer.

We will be working to reduce our delivery times further during 2017

Out of Stock items current as of 24th   January


15005 Aroma Exigent is Out of Stock until 26th January


No Out of Stocks

Volume Discounts - More ways to make savings!

You will receive additional discounts on your orders based on the volume ordered.  When your order hits these volume thresholds the discount will automatically be deducted from your total order.

More ways to make savings

Save 4% when you order 90kg and above

Save 6% when you order 120kg and above

Save 8% when you order 150kg and above

Save 10% when you order 180kg and above


These discounts are in addition to any other promotions or discounts available on the PRO SHOP at any given time.


Orders of 6 bags or more may be delivered on a pallet.